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 mise a jour de la watch list

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Nombre de messages : 362
Localisation : a dunkerque quand vient le carnval.
Date d'inscription : 08/12/2005

MessageSujet: mise a jour de la watch list   Dim 19 Fév à 22:46

bon voila ici sera mis les errata de la watch list:

Rosoku's Staff
Weapon • Unique
Elemental Reaction: After playing a Ring from your hand via its own text, destroy this card: If you control exactly one Ring, search your Fate deck and hand for a Ring. Play it. While this Ring is in play, you may not win via Enlightenment.

Yojireru no Oni
May not be put under a Sensei. After this card enters play, target up to two Dead Personalities. This card copies an ability from each of them until it leaves play.
Limited: Remove a non-printed ability from this card: Once per turn, target a Dead Personality. This card permanently copies an ability from the target.

No Victory
Now has a gold cost of 3.

Effective with the release date of Lotus Edition, the Daidoji Armor is to be played by the following errata:

Its Reaction is only legal if you control at least one unit in your current army (in addition to the requirements stipulated on the card).

This change allows the opponent an opportunity that does not currently exist to defeat the Armor's use, while at the same time taking the change to the definition of "army" in Lotus Edition into account and preserving a limitation that the Armor should have arguably had in Diamond by a strict reading of the rules

Well Laid Plans
now has a gold cost of 2.

The Obi of Silence
now has the following text:

This Personality cannot issue challenges.
Reaction: After this Personality is challenged, bow this card: Draw a card.
Limited: If your Fate deck is empty, even if this card is in your discard pile: Shuffle your Fate discard pile into your deck. Until the end of the game, you may not draw cards outside of your End Phase.

cliquer et vous sauvez un joueur^^
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Nombre de messages : 376
Localisation : Dunkerque
Date d'inscription : 10/12/2005

MessageSujet: Re: mise a jour de la watch list   Mar 4 Juil à 10:29

Shokushu no Oni
Oni * Nonhuman * Shadowlands
After this card enters play, permanently give this Personality the Shadowlands trait.
Reaction: When paying for a Spell attaching to this Personality, lose honor equal to its printed Gold cost: You need not pay its Gold cost.

Unaligned Samurai * Ronin
After each time Ikuei bows or is destroyed, no player may put cards into his hand from his own card effects for the rest of that phase.
Open: Bow Ikuei: Give target Personality +2F.


Don de sang
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mise a jour de la watch list
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